1 In the land of twilight2 Ponderers3 Voluntary martyrs, religious fanatics4 Servants of God5 The instinct of animals6 The kiss7 The distorted tool8 The child9 Woman and her vocation10 Omnipresence11 Christ said ... !12 Motion–a Law of Creation13 The physical body14 The mystery of the blood15 Temperament16 Behold, man, how you should wander through this Creation so that threads of Fate will not hinder but further your ascent!17 A new law18 Duty and loyalty19 The beauty of the peoples20 It is finished!21 At the boundary of gross matter22 The recognition of God23 The name24 Substantiality25 The little elemental beings26 In the gross material workshop of the elemental beings27 A soul wanders ...28 Woman and man29 Distorted souls30 Man's spirit guide31 Threads of Light aboveyou!32 The Primordial Queen33 The cycle of radiations34 Shun the Pharisees!35 Possessed 36 Ask, and it shall be given unto you!37 Thanks38 Let there be Light!39 Unsubstantiate40 Christmas41 Do not in temptation!42 The family bond43 The intimate home44 Believers merely out of habit45 Consider what is of benefit to you!46 Omniscience47 The weak sex48 The destroyed bridge49 The Guardian of the Flame50 Survey of Creation51 Soul52 Nature53 Spirit-Germs

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Editor Ìsíjú Ká Contributing editors Jide Adefope, Paul Schmitt, Michael Wilhelm ■
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Rekindling Hope
A novel, unseen, troublesome bug appears and upends present-day life all over the planet into a screeching halt, precipitating a global crisis in human societies, forcing people to learn to live and work in new unaccustomed ways and taking a heavy to
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What Is The Grail Message?
THE THREE VOLUMES of In the Light of Truth contain a total of 168 lectures whose contents, building upon one another, give a picture of Creation in entirety. The Author’s all-embracing view is based on well-known natural laws, which reveal the hidden