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Breaking Free From The Debt Cycle

Breaking Free From The Debt Cycle by Jim Brown. Photograph of a back alley with "until debt tear us apart" painted on the wall by Daniel Thiele
Photograph by Daniel Thiele

A refreshing perspective from a seasoned ‘money guy’ who shares sound financial strategies for debt relief and vibrant living.

Have you ever felt absolutely overwhelmed by the burden of debt? You are not alone. 

Debt is a pervasively significant stressor with household debt in the U.S. recently reaching record levels surpassing $14 trillion

And while managing and reducing financial stress is a core tenet of wellbeing, it can get overlooked in schedules laden with responsibilities, especially when remaining personal time has already been allocated to self-care activities like yoga classes, self-help books and happy thoughts. 

I wrote this piece as a pathway to reducing debt while prioritizing wellbeing to help you set your Best Self free with a holistic approach.

Whether you’re facing credit card balances, student loans, auto loans, or mortgages, monthly debt payments collectively impact almost everyone regardless of age and other socioeconomic factors. And when debt balances grow to a point where you’re barely managing to meet minimum monthly payment requirements,

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