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New American Paintings2 min. leídos
Kathryn Clark
San Francisco, CA 415.335.0753 kathryn@kathrynclark.com / www.kathrynclark.com / @kathrynclarksf I use traditional textile mediums to reflect current global crises. This approachable medium presents the viewer with facts they might prefer to convenie
New American Paintings2 min. leídos
Aubrey Ingmar Manson
Los Angeles, CA www.aubreymanson.com / @aubrey_ingmar_manson What is this mess? How do I clean up this mess? Should I clean up the mess?! And then there are so many of them… Creating artwork is much like playing for me. It is how I still play as an a
New American Paintings1 min. leídos
Nick Wilkinson
Los Osos, CA nick@nwilkinson.com / www.nwilkinson.com / @_nickwilkinson_ I find myself suspicious of most marks as soon as they hit the surface of the painting. In response, most are immediately, or over time, redacted or softened in some way—the pai