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Sheltering: Samantha Irby on TV Writing, Selena Gomez, and Making Her Agent Laugh

On this episode of Sheltering, Maris Kreizman speaks with Sam Irby about her recently released book of essays, Wow, No Thank You. Irby talks about how her writing has improved, flirting via mixtape, being transparent about liking uncool things, and being fine with the “indoor programming” of quarantine. Please purchase Wow, No Thank You. at your favorite local bookstore, or through Bookshop.

From the episode:

Maris Kreizman: You’ll have your own series developed soon?

Samantha Irby: Oh wow yes, how did I leave that out? I have a show in development right now at Comedy Central, based off Meaty, my first book. I got to write the pilot, which is a thing that doesn’t happen for a lot of people, where you get to adapt your own work. It’s exciting and it’s also like, do people really want to see a fake version of me doing this stuff? Hopefully yes? I just finished the 17th draft of the pilot, but if they let me make this show, it’ll be a coup, because it is so disgusting and funny and weird.

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