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In Every Crisis There is Always Opportunity

Photo by Linda Zupanc Ok, so most of us have been spending much more time at home than we would normally do. That’s a good thing, right?

Most people long to spend time at home, have a holiday, slow down, have more horse time and finally read that book that they have started months ago but somehow never found the time to finish.

For those who are lucky

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His Soreness Is Real
It happened again. I upped Dante’s training regime and he got sore once again. He tells me he’s sore by flattening his ears back when I do, or attempt to do, anything that he thinks is going to exacerbate it. Many people have told me he’s just displa
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It Takes Two to Tango
Discover how to unlock your horse’s potential, with Tanja’s new book! Horse riders are often looking for ways to develop, improve and consolidate work with their horses. From pleasure riders to competitive riders, equestrians are always looking for i
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Horse Bit Fit: It’s About Comfort And Communication, Not Control We can’t change the world by helping one horse and rider but we can change the world for that horse and rider. Over recent years, Horse Bit Fit consultants have placed a spotlight on the notion that bit and bridle fit must be cons