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I tested positive for the Alzheimer’s gene at 26 years old

the day I got my genetic test results, I ignored them. I came home from work and put on a big T-shirt and fuzzy pyjama pants. My long-time boyfriend (now fiancé) cooked dinner. I didn’t even mention that the e-mail from genetics and research company 23andMe was sitting unopened in my inbox. I wanted to wait until I was alone, so I could process

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The Ultimate (and Probably Only) Instagram-caption Crossword Puzzle
Consider these a warm-up. DW, they’re easier than a messy bun. 1 Squad _____ 2 Felt cute, might _____ later 3 Probably thinking about _____ 4 _____ weather 5 Pop the _____, she’s changing her last name 6 *insert Cardi B _____ here* Okay, let
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African Boss-babe Biographies
Sisonke is a South African writer and political activist. She writes about her nomadic life – after spending most of her childhood in Zambia, Kenya and Canada, she moved to the US to study and returned to SA in the ’90s. She tells us how her travels,
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This Sext Has A 99,2% Success Rate
Honestly, sexting is a lot like sex itself. Tons of people do it and would like to think they’re awesome at it, but few actually reach ‘that was so good I’ll remember it when I’m living in a retirement home’ status. To get there, it’s helpful to know