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Yumi Stynes

You grew up in rural Victoria. What’s a strong food memory from that time? I remember my parents cooking sukiyaki in our home as a winter treat for friends. The friends had never had anything like it. We’d eat on the floor with chopsticks in front of an open fire: everyone’s faces would go red from the heat and all the adults would drink way too much.

Japanese ingredients were so precious to us because they were so hard to

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Gourmet Traveller
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As we enter a new year, it’s time to celebrate some new beginnings here at Gourmet Traveller, as we welcome a number of new features and columns, as well as the return of some much-loved favourites. Sommelier and wine communicator Samantha Payne join
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For fifteen years, journalist Tory Shepherd has been writing about politics, social justice, and other worthy topics. She’s travelled the world with various politicians, but her main memories of those trips are the food. For this issue, she was excit