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“I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy,” said Marie Curie when she accepted her Nobel Prizes at the turn of the twentieth century. Over one hundred years later, her spiritual successors find a lot to battle in the cannabis industry, as legal limits on research still pose problems. However, the opportunities for women in STEM are exploding, and the green frontiers of the magical plant are the most exciting Wonderland of all. Here are the Alices, the marvelous minds, spearheading the discoveries about to change our world as we know it. Curie and her daughters would be proud.


Dr. Junella “June” Chin remains one of the

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Girls Who Dab
Dabbing is NOT a Dance The first time my sister saw me dab, she thought I took something more than THC. When I called out that it was a dab, she smiled and immediately threw her arms up and said, “Oh, like the dance?” No sis, not the dance. “The Dab
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Ecosytem Thinking
If you are in the cannabis space, you most likely know Barbara “Bobbi” Koz Paley. Bobbi is a Force. A force of nature, a force in cannabis, in the art world and in any group setting where you may find her. We at Honeysuckle’s Honey Pot have been bles
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Wanda James’ Secret Super Power
The Women Grow Leadership Summit: a liberating and empowering forum established by the largest national network for women entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. Held in Washington, D.C. for the first time after years in the Southwest and West Coast,