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Cathy Wassell is a business coach and owner of Socially Contented. She’s also an autism advocate and the founder of Teen Calm, a subscription box for anxious teens (teencalm.co.uk).

Am I being foolish?

Q I’ve been dating a guy for a year now but he won’t move in with me. He won’t even stay the night and goes after we have sex which makes me feel used. Am I being an idiot? Mya, London

A It sounds like he has

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Fill It!
1 Situation comedy, informally (6) 4 The cost of something (5,3) 10 Increase in wages or salary (3,4) 11 Amount of money in one go (4,3) 12 Space (4) 13 Fashionable celebrities (10) 15 Tangible and visible thing (6) 16 Keep apart or at a distance (4,