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uman beings all have similar emotional needs that must be fulfilled for our self-esteem and self-worth. If we are not getting one of our

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The Words
By Rutger Bregman (Bloomsbury, £20) For years, philosophers, psychologists, historians and writers have convinced us that humankind is selfish and self-interested. Bregman believes that the contrary is true – that at heart we are essentially good
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“I’m Getting Nowhere Since Losing My Job”
Becca* had been made redundant from a job she’d been doing for the past seven years. She said it was a ‘big deal’ for her to be investing in coaching when money was so tight for her. ‘I am pinning all my hopes on you and I can only afford two session
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‘I Want To Face My Anxiety Head-on’
I had a parent with an addiction that I was exposed to for 27 years. My home life was unsafe and unstable. In my early 20s, my behaviour became chaotic and I self-medicated, didn’t eat well and engaged in risky lifestyle choices. At 25, I realised I