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Many years ago, staying in a Cornish fishing village, I found a silver ring in a meadow. Although it was badly tarnished and a bit bashed about, it shone brightly again after a good polish, revealing delicate fish motifs. I wore it myself for a while
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Beautiful birds, popular pups and a must-see musical See owls, flamingos and the country’s only breeding group of king penguins at Birdland Park & Gardens. Set in nine acres of the picturesque Cotswolds, it’s home to over 500 birds – and young visit
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✣ £3.8 billion has been invested in Kickstar ter projects since it began in 2009. ✣ Today, the average crowdfunding campaign in Britain generates £8,437. ✣ UK crowdfunding campaigns are expected to raise £94.3 million by 2 023. ■