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Remembering Hansie

The article about Hansie Cronjé’s sister, Hester Parsons (YOU, 27 February), was very sad but what she and her husband are

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Who Knew?
CAROLE shuddered. Another atrocious blind date. She wasn’t asking for much. But a man who tried to impress her by burping out the alphabet after a few beers was not on her list of top 10 favourite evenings. Atrocious indeed. Carole let out a frustrat
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HOW TO SAY IT: kow-uh-li-shn A coalition is a government made up of representatives from two or more political parties. A coalition usually forms when none of the parties are able to get a majority vote. Parties then decide to work together so their
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Did You Know?
There are true ribs, false ribs and floating ribs. The first seven pairs are true ribs (vertebrosternal) and are directly attached to the sternum with cartilage. Rib pairs 8-10 are called false ribs (vertebrochondral) and aren’t directly attached to