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Remembering Hansie

The article about Hansie Cronjé’s sister, Hester Parsons (YOU, 27 February), was very sad but what she and her husband are

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Can You Believe It?
Scientists have found endangered polar bears breeding with grizzly bears, forming a new hybrid or cross-breed called pizzly bears. Polar bears usually live in the icy Arctic region. Due to global warming, polar bears’ habitat has been melting at a fa
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Poison Dart Frog
AN ANIMAL’S size isn’t necessarily an indication of how dangerous it is. After all, poison dart frogs are minute, yet some of these frogs are among the most toxic creatures on Earth. They come in virtually all imaginable colour combinations; however
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Good News
Roshan the camel has been making his way through rural villages in Pakistan with an important job. The camel is delivering books to children who are being homeschooled. Since last year many learners stopped going to school because of the pandemic. Th