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These days, our survival doesn’t depend on an ability to outlast a mammoth, but regular running will increase your life expectancy as well as your life quality. It’ll make you fitter, healthier and even happier – numerous studies have shown that running significantly reduces your likelihood of depression and anxiety, while improving mood and heightening feelings of energy and wellbeing.

In short, we should all be running more. After all, it’s the cheapest and easiest way to boost your health, your fitness and your mood – all you need is a bit of time and effort (and the right pair of running shoes). And thanks to these tips from top runners, coaches and experts, you can now make that effort take you further – faster.


“The more regularly

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Master The Movements
• Assume a strong front-rack position: tight core, upright posture, bar held across the chest and elbows high. • Maintaining an upright torso, push your hips back and slowly squat down. • When you reach full depth (thighs at least parallel to the flo
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Raise The Bar
By day, Adam Bishop is strength and conditioning coach at Harlequins rugby club. The rest of the time, he’s an elite strongman who holds the title of Britain’s Strongest Man. The 31-year-old – who’s also the second strongest man in Europe and a World
Australian Men's Fitness3 min. leídosMedical
Feel The Burn
Whether you want to torch some Christmas blubber, or shed some weight for a New Year fitness challenge, body-transformation plans can feel like a mythical quest, full of setbacks and pitfalls. But it turns out the the many professional athletes coach