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Running is one of the most basic fitness activities. All you need is a pair of decent shoes, a bit of motivation and you’re ready to unlock huge health benefits that range from improving mental health to living longer.

But if you’re thinking of taking things a little bit more seriously than a casual spot of cardio, there’s a whole raft of intelligent new tracking tech and apps that can help make your

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Animal Instincts
Think of a locust. Actually, it’s quite hard to think of a single locust. They travel in plague proportions, consuming crops and ravaging regions. You might not imagine these greedy little insects to be fussy eaters, instinctively adjusting what they
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Men V. Food
The 2017 World’s Strongest Man, Hall has done for strongman what Arnold and co did for bodybuilding in the 1970s: elevate it into the mainstream. ‘The Beast’ didn’t win those titles – nor his nickname – by eating rabbit food. When competing, Hall wou
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Water contrast therapy, a traditional naturopathic practice, may help speed up recovery from fatigue, musculoskeletal injuries (strains, sprains, swellings), pain and inflammation. “The basic principles,” explains naturopath Elle Fox, “are that cold