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Every year has a sort of astrological “signature” – a central theme or story. This year, one of the signatures is a series of rolling Jupiter/Pluto alignments – one of which takes place this month.

Jupiter is the planet of plenty, Pluto is

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‘I Just Wasn’t My Old Self’
“I was pretty energetic until I hit 40. After that I started to feel tired more often during the day and was less inclined to get out and exercise like I used to. I tried going to bed earlier and although that did help a bit, I just wasn’t my old sel
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Can You Spot A MELANOMA?
Adam Brook owes his life to a haircut. When the 27-year-old personal trainer from Tamworth, Australia booked in for a regular trim last year, he had no idea that it would forever change his life. During the appointment, Adam was informed by his haird
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Natural Therapies
With non-specific symptoms like fatigue, a holistic approach can be effective. An alternative practitioner, such as a naturopath, will look at your health from all angles and may identify a number of factors that are contributing to your symptoms. Th