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Stack and stitch

In this project, we’re going to look at how to combine two camera techniques that let us expand our depth of field and our image resolution, resulting in a level

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School Tip Grading And Editing
YOU CAN process a time-lapse in the same way you would any video clip. Your favourite photo-editing software may support it, but you may need to use a workaround. For example, in Lightroom Classic you can’t open a video in the Develop module, but you
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Bold beautiful B&W
WATCH VIDEO ONLINE Black and white treatments and portraiture go hand in hand. But what’s the best way to strip out the colour, and what other edits can we make to enhance the monochrome image? In this tutorial, we’ll explore a
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Extreme Sports Martin Bissig
17 TRY TO have a foreground in your images, it gives a certain depth to it. Use a wide aperture so that the foreground is blurry while your main subject is in focus. If you shoot with a wide-angle lens, you can move closer to the foreground. Sometime