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Beat reversing ring challenges

Reversing rings are seemingly obscure accessories to new photographers, yet they offer a superb level of additional functionality for your existing lenses. By attaching a ring onto the filter thread of a standard or moderate wide optic, you can mount it on a camera body in the

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Leica M10-R
Price: £7,100 / $8,295 (body only) Leica cameras aren’t for everyone. Or rather, they’re so highly priced that most of us can only dream of owning one. Rangefinders like the M10-R also make the photographer do a lot of the legwork, in an age where o
Digital Photographer1 min. leídosScience & Mathematics
When shooting in Live View mode on the M10-R, the part of the subject that’s in critical focus becomes outlined in red. A second, smaller image of the scene is shown, and you turn the focus ring until the two images match up – when they’re lined up,
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Go Camping With Your Camera
One of the greatest pleasures of landscape photography is having a real connection with the great outdoors. Studio photography never appealed to me, because I don’t enjoy spending time indoors; wedding photography was often a hectic, loud and stressf