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At the beginning of 2019, I decided it would be the best year of my life.

I’d be learning a language, naturally ( Japanese couldn’t be that hard, could it?) and while I was at it, why not turn the average two-bedroom house I’d recently bought with my girlfriend into the dream home we’d been planning?

Call it post-Christmas optimism or new-year naivety, but I felt genuinely psyched up to transform my life in the way that so many lifestyle gurus had promised was possible. I just had to make a bit more time, work a little harder and stay focused on making good things happen.


Of course, I knew I wasn’t the only person setting aspirational goals as 2019 rolled around. I also knew that the statistics for succeeding with New Year’s resolutions were less than promising. Data by fitness app Strava suggests that by January 12 each year, most of us have already failed to keep our resolutions. Elsewhere, a study undertaken by the

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Lock Down Relief
■ If the time inside has caused you to suffer from scalp problems, such as itchiness, white flakes in the hair and a red and irritated scalp, chances are you have dandruff. Not uncommon. It’s basically a fungus that lives on all of our scalps, surviv
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Last Hurrahs
Reps: 10 Rest: Straight into 1B • Grab a medicine ball and assume a strong stance. • Pick the ball up above your head and slam it onto the floor. • Maintain good squat form whenever you grab the ball from the ground. Reps: 10 Sets: As many rounds as
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Boxing Clever
Boxing is a sport that demands incredible levels of fitness. However, it’s not a sport you immediately associate with home workouts, since most of us don’t have a room full of pads and bags to hit whenever the mood takes us. Fortunately, you don’t ne