History of War


On 17 December 1944, at the crossroads hamlet of Baugnez around two miles from Malmedy, a small column from Battery B, 285th Field Artillery Observations Battalion of the 7th Armored was spotted by a group of German tanks and half-tracks from Kampfgruppe Peiper. The Germans attacked, taking out the front and rear trucks to prevent escape and then raking the American column with machine gun fire and mortar shells. Several trucks exploded and more crashed into ditches as they tried to get away. Taking cover behind stricken trucks and in ditches, the Americans fought back as best they could.

SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Peiper himself arrived at the skirmish driving an American jeep. Rapid progress and good

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Q-boats Britain’s Deception At Sea
Countermeasures introduced to fight the U-boats included minefields, the defensive arming of merchant ships and the development of the Q-ship, or Q-boat. These were generally small tramp steamers, outwardly scruffy and unworthy of a torpedo, but equi
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Crete 1941
One-hundred kilometres from the mainland, Crete is the second-largest of the Greek islands, a strip of land measuring 258km from east to west and just 12km at its narrowest. Dominated by the White Mountains that form its spine, it has a rich history
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Searching For Brunanburh
In 937, four armies met at a place called Brunanburh. Three of them were an alliance led by Anlaf Guthfrithson, Viking King of Dublin; Constantine II, King of Alba (Scotland); and Owain, King of Strathclyde. These allies came together against Athelst