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Who are you currently touring with? My main gig over the last few years has been mixing FOH for Vintage Trouble out of Los Angeles. We’ve toured all over the world, and most of my other work fell by the wayside once we teamed up! I also double-dippe
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Recording The Teskey Brothers Live
Walking into the Forum Melbourne on a cold Spring afternoon I’m looking for Naomune Anzai (Nao to his friends), production manager and FOH mix engineer for the Teskey Brothers. Recently renovated and restored to its original beauty, the Forum’s insid
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i For Detail
Justin Vernon, leader of the alt-folk band Bon Iver, called their 2016 album 22, A Million, “a new way of telling a story.” It was an understatement. 22, A Million was as experimental as it’s possible to get (short of going atonal), with tons of dist