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World famous detective Sherlock Holmes ™ to be commemorated on UK coin

The Royal Mint will be commemorating 160 years since the birth of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, with a coin dedicated

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Hyper-Active Bidding Heidelberger Münzhandlung Herbert Grün 80th Auction
In our last issue we provided a preview of the 80th Auction presented by Heidelberger Münzhandlung Herbert Grün. This sale offered a stellar selection of 19th Century German Talers alongside a fabulous collection of the coins of Nuremberg. We focused
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Medieval Tanzania a Major Player in the Indian Ocean Trade
THE MODERN COUNTRY has a name that is the combination of the mainland, which was called Tanganyika during the British colonial period, and the island of Zanzibar. The two regions have had dramatically different histories for the last two millennia. B
World Coin News8 min. leídos
The Coinage of Peter I Part Six: 1721–1725
IN MANY WAYS the last years of Czar Peter the Great were just as interesting as his early days in power. A man of great energy and drive, he wanted above all to bring Russia into the modern age. To what extent he succeeded is still a matter of disput