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Foiling Magazine


Editor: Cai Waggett

Editor-in-Chief: Alex Hapgood

Art Director: Katharina Godbersen

Technical Editor: Richard Boughton

Bobo Gallagher, Caio Ibelli, Charles Bertrand, Charley

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Foiling Magazine1 min. leídos
The Triple Threat
Fishbowl Diaries • Robby Naish: S25 Wing-Surfer, Jet Foil Complete, Hover WING/SUP Our products are designed to offer flexibility and creativity in all conditions in order to maximize your time on the water, and the Jet Foil, Wing-Surfer, and Hover W
Foiling Magazine8 min. leídos
As a kid I remember being glued to Sunday night TV as my parents went about their business. I don’t know if they purposely put on the National Geographic channel because it was something they were interested in, or because it was something that would
Foiling Magazine3 min. leídos
Naish 1240 Ha + 4’4 Hover Surf
Naish need no introduction, as the legendary brand of all things windsports for many years now. In the beginning of the foil revolution, they set the standard as some of the best gear on the market, with the likes of the Hurley boys ripping on their