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Dear friend,

It was hard not to feel the skepticism rise up when we decided on mysticism for this issue. Much of my education and cultural upbringing was to make small of what didn’t sit in the realm of reason. If it couldn’t be understood through the intellect or five senses, it was probably

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On Healing
In 2016 my partner and I bought a wooden cottage on 10 acres of land, on an ecotone where the woodlands meet the foothills of the mountains. The area had been logged relentlessly in the 1950s. One by one, the tall trees of the old growth cedar forest
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Truth In A Confused World
I remember the day that Kevin Rudd apologised to the Stolen Generations. It was a sunny afternoon and everyone at work had gathered around the radio. I recall looking out through the plate glass windows to the cloudless sky with tears in my eyes. It 
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This Error Is The Sign Of Love
This error is the sign of love,the crack in the ice where the otters breathe,the tear that saves a man from power,the puff of smoke blown down the chimney one morning,and the widower sighs and gives up his loneliness,the lines transposed in the will