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SEARCH ‘EVANS’ on the website topomap.co.nz and no fewer than 24 names pop up, including five mountains. Evans is a common Welsh surname, so it’s hardly surprising that so many feature on our maps, but who are these mountains named after?

Three of the mountains are probably named for one man. Frederick John Evans served as, the ship that under Captain John Stokes made a comprehensive survey of New Zealand in the 1850s. These are all prominent peaks, visible from the sea: one in what is now Abel Tasman National Park, another on Banks Peninsula, and at least one in Fiordland National Park.

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1-2 hours: The Kea Point Track from the Whitehorse Hill campsite offers an excellent view over the Mueller Glacier Lake (the glacier itself is hiding around the corner) with its surrounding moraine wall. DOC time has this at two-hours return. Tramper
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Judge’s Decision
While both countries have their pros and cons, I’ll choose the winner based on one criterium only: which country do I get more excited about tramping in? In this case, the outcome is clear. Step up to the podium, Aotearoa. ■
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2021’s Water Filters And Purifiers
Always check – if possible – what’s in the water upstream to avoid contamination. Giardia slowly sinks, so draw your water where the flow is slow-moving, away from the bank. Avoid muddy water as it can contain bacteria stirred up from the streambed a