Burning porridge onto the bottom of a pot seems to be a rite of passage for trampers.

A moment’s distraction is all it takes to turn oats

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Conservation AS TRAUMA
I’D LIKE TO TALK TRAUMA. The kind often seen trackside. Trauma, manifesting as bush maintenance and driven by the impulse to bend, break, and sacrifice something seemingly inanimate to create walking space. We could coin it ‘conservation trauma’, ste
Wilderness2 min. leídos
You’re Not Always Where You Think You Are
RECENTLY I WITNESSED two examples of confirmation bias which reminded me how easily this can happen and its potential consequences. In the first case, a group misidentified their location on the map. The features around them looked like the point on
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Kiwis Pick Up Slack On private Tracks
AS WITH MOST in the tourism sector, Shaun Monk experienced some “nervy” times in 2020. Shortly before the country plunged into lockdown, he threw in his “one-hundred-and-something thousand dollar” a year job to guide hunters around the 7000ha Island