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Gris is beautiful. It is beautiful in that highly stylised, minimalist way that works well in both 2D platformers and in art prints. It is beautiful in its carefully chosen color palettes and its delicate animation effects. However it is beautiful in ways that both strengthen and weaken it as an overall experience.

Gris is

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PC Powerplay2 min. leídos
Get Ready For Some Decent Graphics
Over one teraflop of pure compute performance, support for ultra-high resolution HEVC encode and decode, improved display pipelines, an enhanced rasterizer, variable rate shading, over double the performance in 3D rendering, and support for adaptive
PC Powerplay9 min. leídos
10 Is The Magic Number
It’s been five long years since Intel’s very first 14nm CPUs came to market. That’s worth repeating. It’s taken fully five years for Intel to roll out the 10nm successor to its 14nm production node. This from the company that has led the industry in
PC Powerplay4 min. leídos
$1,000 Build It CHALLENGE
We’re back with another featured build, and this time our focus is customisability. We wanted to make a straightforward, versatile system to act as a launchpad for future expansions. As such, we had a budget to work with: $1,000. And we stuck to it (