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Super spices

cientists have long known that spices are terrific health boosters: They have antioxidant properties, they’re great for your heart, and they can reduce inflammation. But they’re also now seeing a link

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Ask The Trainer
What’s the deal with that colourful tape I see runners and CrossFitters wearing on their legs, arms, knees, and elbows? Does it really do something or is it a stupid fad? LEN S. JOHANNESBURG It’s Kinesio tape! And if you’re nursing an injury but cont
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On the fence about joining a gym or going it alone? Sign on the dotted line. In a new study from Iowa State University, USA, 75% of subjects who were gym members met the US guidelines for physical activity (at least 75 minutes of vigorous or 150 minu
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Strong Like Bull (rider)
Down a sixer, put on a dusty cowboy hat, and climb onto a pissed-off bucking bull. • You’d be surprised to know how many simple-tons believe that’s all it takes to become a bull rider. • “It’s a misconception that our sport is just a bunch of crazy b