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QUESTION: How Many People in this Crowd are Lonely?

ANSWER: Way more than you think When you picture a lonely person.who sprnings to mind? Maybe it's an elderly man grocery shopping For one.perhaps solo teenager.but here's the truth: it's actually most likely to be you

It’s young women who are really feeling the crush of loneliness. Though you may not hear your friends talking about it, 30 per cent of millennials say they always or often feel lonely, compared with 20 per cent of Gen X and 15 per cent of baby boomers, according to intel from data analytics firm YouGov. Meanwhile, nearly a quarter of millennials say they have no friends and Relationships Australia reveals that the highest rates of female social isolation are in the 25- to 29-year-old age bracket. So, WTF is going on?


In Gail Honeyman’s popular novel, , the protagonist describes loneliness as the new cancer, “A shameful, embarrassing thing, brought upon yourself in some obscure way. A fearful, incurable

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