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ith around 30,000 companies, Poland’s furniture sector is significant, but most of its output is

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Outdoor Entertaining
Outdoor socialising is more fun with Ethimo’s ‘Play’ dining/ping-pong table and Lego’s Colosseum (9,036 pieces) to keep everyone entertained. Or rest up in MUT Design’s ‘Armadillo’ rattan armchair for Expormim, Ramón Esteve’s ‘Frame Vineyard’ daybed
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Double Act
Opening in January, the Bourse de Commerce in Paris is the latest home for Francois Pinault to show works from his phenomenal art collection. This is the third time the French businessman has chosen Japanese architect Tadao Ando to convert a historic
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Dining Experience
Designers shaped up to a changing landscape last year, outlining new ways to stay at home in style. In the dining room, geometric silhouettes were the order of the day, and our dream scene is set by Jean Nouvel’s elegantly monolithic ‘NVL’ table for