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Treat opportunities opening up before you as confidential. Avoid confiding in someone to whom you’ve often told your deepest, darkest secrets—it could rob you of the chance to improve your position, status, or lifestyle.

LUCKY DAY 4th—taking a philosophical approach to problems brings clarity.



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Welcome To The Jungle
The hotel designer Bill Bensleys latest project features 16 tents—each kitted out with carved teak furniture, antique curios, and colourful textiles—set in a 400-acre reserve in Southern Cambodia that, thanks to his efforts, has been saved from poach
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To The People
@championfilm1996 “My image is in response to sexual harassment, cyber bullying, and body shaming. Negativity pushes people off their feet, and we need to move away from that as a society. The girl in the illustration is wearing a jacket labeled with
Harper's Bazaar India2 min. leídos
The Ultimate Filter
JUST A FEW YEARS AGO, looking younger meant striving for perfection, but in 2020, the goal is a more natural aesthetic when it comes to skin. Professor Augustinus Bader, director of the Institute for Applied Stem Cell Technology and Cell Techniques a