The Field

Estate diversification without disturbing the peace

WHAT makes a good landlord-business-community relationship? Sharing the landscape with visitors but ensuring the occupants, locals and non-human residents remain happy. Private estates, with the shoot, farm and stables nicely contained, are terrific but an injection of cash from beyond the march-fence is essential for survival, particularly if there is a significant pile of bricks, mortar and a roof

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The Naked, Strewth
These nettle-proof lady hunters are stalking you for donations to the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund. This year’s calendar is no longer available but you can donate at: The Field has contributed to the cause. ■
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Unbeatable Quality at Unbeatable Prices
English Heritage Buildings started with one man’s fascination with restoring oak frames in the late 70s; leading to the formation of our company and the manufacture of new oak frame buildings in 1990. This ignited a British revival in oak framing and
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Field At Home
SOCIAL: FACEBOOK In the March issue, David Tomlinson discussed dog beds. While the choice was once oat straw or wheat, today’s beds are the last word in luxury, from beanbags to memory foam. Field dog Bramble was pictured in a cosy Ivy & Duke number