Annie Tritt

Transcending Self

In 2014, I began a project with one question in mind: ‘What does it look like to live an authentic life?’ On some level, I must have known that I was not doing so myself… though I genuinely didn’t realise it at the time. I came out as gay in high-school and then as bi in my early twenties. For the most part, I’ve dressed however I want and have found success in my dream career. Even so, I had no idea

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Más de Huck

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Recently, Kathy Karlo was trying to describe the Red River Gorge to a friend who’d never visited before. Despite her best intentions, the climber and podcast host could only offer one valid comparison when it came to painting an accurate picture of t
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Holding court
During the summer, London’s basketball courts were some of the first free public spaces to reopen post-lockdown. Scattered across the capital, each one is a unique, self-contained island – home to an impressive cast of regulars, for whom community is
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One Future
one future #ckone is a new photography series from Calvin Klein, spotlighting first-time voters in the U.S. amid the 2020 election. Shot during August and September, it sees some of the country's most exciting young visual storytellers coming togethe