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cientists at the University of California, Irvine, have developed a vaccine that removed dementia plaque in rodent brains, and believe an Alzheimer’s vaccine could be tested in

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Green Light
As a warfarin user, I have a list of foods to avoid that are rich in vitamin K, which works against the blood thinner. It takes in green, leafy vegetables such as silverbeet and just about every otherwise healthy food. Any advice? Given vitamin K is
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Gaming Action
The many thrillers of Tom Clancy have given us the many movies of CIA guy Jack Ryan, as well as a television series. Here, John Clark, Ryan’s occasional bodyguard, who has been played in past movies by Willem Dafoe and Liev Schrieber, finally gets a
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Much To Savour
Black Estate recently sent me wines to taste “as the Earth tilts away from the sun”. One of North Canterbury’s highest profile producers, the company is owned and run by Pen Naish, a former lawyer, and her husband, winemaker Nicholas Brown. From thei