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MAR. 21 – APR. 20

LOVE Planning ahead and aiming for ambitious mutual goals will set you on a loving journey with your partner; the more you share your thoughts and intentions, the more you’ll understand each other. Prepare for some practical give-and-take though, there’ll be times when you’re both under pressure and need to make compromises. This is the stuff that really strengthens relationships. Singles: Admiration could turn to love; an exciting attraction could flare with someone whose talents, achievements or values spark your respect.

HOME A domestic dream may inspire you: a special place you’d like to live or changes you’d like to make to your home. The practicalities involved will have to be resolved.

FAMILY A family member will often turn to you for advice: listening with your heart will give valuable insights into their situation or challenges. Relations with an in-law may be hard work but positive efforts to improve communication should bring rewarding results.

CAREER Exciting career goals will fire your determination; you’ll spread your wings with challenging endeavours that showcase your skills, particularly your leadership ability, and raise your professional profile. A promotion or new job will require adjustments, you may also commute greater distances for your work. You’ll be focused on success this year and you will do yourself proud!

MONEY You’ll set specific financial targets this year. You’ll be determined to do and achieve big things! It will take discipline and careful organisation to bring your plans to fruition but success will be sweet!

HEALTH A vigorous exercise program, sport or physical challenge will test your resources. You’ll be eager to get fitter, stronger or faster and tempted to push the envelope.

LUCK/HAPPINESS A friendship or work connection that goes back a long way could have a new lease of life and this person will become important in your life again. A lucky break will open the door to do or achieve something you’ve wanted or worked towards for a long time. This is your year for getting ahead.

WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR Choose your words carefully when you speak your mind or stand up for something you believe in – there’ll be a fine line between passion and being too forceful and you’ll need to recognise this for successful communication. You’ll be so goal-orientated this year it could turn into tunnel vision! Don’t forget to take pleasure in everyday joys; it will help you find balance. With fiery, pushy Mars in Aries in the latter half of this year, be aware of the value of patience. It will make drawn-out tasks, interaction with others and any slow-moving issues easier to handle.

CHALLENGE Biting off too much to chew professionally or financially will push stress levels through the roof. Know your limits.

MANTRA I embrace life and its wonderful opportunities; I move forward with enthusiasm, strength and confidence!

LUCKIEST DAYS: JAN. 6, FEB. 8, MAR. 30, APR. 3, APR.  29.


APR. 21 – MAY 21

LOVE Romantic escapes or fun getaways will refresh the energy in your relationship, create space for you to connect mentally and emotionally with your mate and make beautiful memories.

Singles: A fun flirtation or holiday romance could turn into something more serious.

HOME It will take patience and money to fix occasional household breakages or tackle bigger domestic repairs; be prepared for some inconvenience but you’ll be pleased with the improvements. There may be a disruptive home situation or changes to your home routine to take in your stride too.

FAMILY Relations with a distant relative will grow significantly. You’ll make an effort to see or connect

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