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I LIKE SHOES. EVEN THOUGH as a mom of small kids who works from home I have few chances to get dolled up, I still have of shoes. I just appreciate any good-looking shoe.

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Mornings with Jesus1 min. leídos
Thursday, January 14
MY FEATURES RESEMBLE MY LATE father, just as my daughter is my mini-me. Our full lips, smiles, and artistic natures mimic Dad’s. I’m fascinated by how each of us, deep within our DNA, carry reflections of our forefathers. As I gather facts and photos
Mornings with Jesus1 min. leídos
Friday, January 29
MATURING IN MY RELATIONSHIP WITH Jesus has helped me identify inaccurate thoughts I’ve had regarding my faith. For instance, take the matter of living a pure and blameless life—I believed it mattered solely because God expected it. Failing to meet Hi
Mornings with Jesus1 min. leídosPsychology
Tuesday, February 16
MY HUSBAND, ZANE, AND I participated in a small group to test content for a leadership book written by Christian neuroscientists about developing habits for increasing trust, joy, and engagement in the people you lead. Every week we met, we walked aw