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AS SOMEONE WHO BECAME RELIGIOUS as an adult, I can sometimes fool myself into believing there is a split: there is Church Lady Chaplain Lizzie, and then

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Mornings with Jesus1 min. leídos
Tuesday, March 2
WHILE IN THE MIDDLE EAST, I met a man who’d been tortured by ISIS for studying social justice and human rights. One night in prison, he prayed, God, if You exist, then save me. A short time later, bombs fell on the prison. The attack enabled my new f
Mornings with Jesus2 min. leídos
Saturday, March 6
I REGULARLY ATTEND AL-ANON FAMILY meetings, a group dedicated to helping family members of alcoholics. At a recent meeting the topic was step 7, “Humbly ask Him to remove our shortcomings.” My “Him” is Jesus who died, not only to take away my shortco
Mornings with Jesus2 min. leídos
Tuesday, March 23
HE’S BACK! OLD PERSISTENT GRAY Cat. He turns up every morning and every evening for me to feed him. His piercing meow demands my attention, and if I don’t respond immediately, he climbs up the back door. I don’t know whose cat he is or if he really b