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In times when our health and wellbeing need a boost, diet, exercise and stress are some of the first things we tend to look at, but it’s about time friendship was added to the list. One of the world’s largest studies on health and happiness, The Harvard Study of Development, found that in terms of happiness, close relationships trump money and fame, and are far better predictors of longevity than class, IQ or genes. The study also found that loneliness is a risk factor as powerful as smoking and alcoholism for early death.

Clinical psychologist Mary Grogan is also a firm believer in the power of friendship. “Close, healthy relationships keep us healthy, well and connected. I think finding your tribe is one of the most important things in life,” she says, and has some helpful advice on how to approach common challenges.

Finding true connection

If you feel like your friendships are waning, there are plenty of ways to meet new

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