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here’s a wide range of accommodation types on the ship from the Luxurious Royal Suite (MSC Yacht Club) to cabins for families, duplex suites and budget interior cabins. Where you sleep and

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Avoid the queue, TAKE THE 62
On face value, Route 62 is impractical. Itʼs not the shortest, nor smoothest. Sections are narrow, the mountain passes steep while glitzy refuelling and fast-food spots are few and far between. But shortest, smoothest and flattest... who wants those?
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Freedom Of The City
Rounding hospital bend into Cape Town, I always look out for a pair of jackal buzzards that patrol the sky above. Their domain is the slope where Rhodes has fallen, their prey the timorous beasts that scurry in the green skirts of Devilʼs Peak. They
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‘The principles are very similar to an overnight hike,ʼ expedition kayaker Scott Reinders says of the adventures he has in South Africaʼs remote river gorges. ʻWe go in a small team of ideally four to six people with an objective of getting from poin