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The Dichotomy of My Marriage—and Mood

On my wedding day nine years ago, just before we descended the winding stone staircase toward the altar where my soon-to-be-husband, Jason, was waiting, my father turned to me.

“Hey, hon,” he said, face full of love. “Don’t screw this up, okay?”

He did not mean the staircase.

I am married to the kind of man the Catholic ladies in my hometown would

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IT WAS WITH both empathy and admiration that I read “Selena Gomez and the Simple Life” (Fall 2019). This really brings the reality that we all have our personal challenges and journeys, no matter who we are. Her use of Instagram as a tool to portray
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The Slow Burn of Chronic Stress
I REALIZED I was hitting burnout when I no longer felt joy in my day. I was overloaded with responsibility and felt like I couldn’t keep up. Definitely not a good feeling. I took it seriously and removed as much as possible from my “list.” I also sto