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HITE CIVIL WAR SOLDIERS wrote thousands of letters that today help us understand their motivations, fears, and hopes. But the army. It contains transcriptions of interviews conducted with former slaves during the Great Depression. It’s a fascinating glimpse into how some of them viewed the war, their masters, and the Union Army.

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Candid Camera
THE LOCATION OF THIS IMAGE, the photographer, and the year in which it was taken are unknown. Based on other identified photographs from the war, however, it’s a good guess it’s an Eastern Theater scene, and in a semi-permanent location for the Union
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What Are You Reading?
If you imagine Civil War women’s history to involve a narrow cast of elite, White women living the same rehashed stories of nursing or spying, consider Thavolia Glymph’s book The Women’s Fight. Repopulating the Civil War with Black and White women fr
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‘Old Brains’ And ‘Granny Lee’
THE RELATIONSHIP between soldiers and their commanders can be indicated by nicknames, which also provide insights into how opponents and civilians on both sides thought about various generals. Nathan Bedford Forrest, lauded by Confederates as the “Wi