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HE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG STOOD SUPREME in its ability to spark postwar controversies among officers in both the Confederate and Union high commands. Infighting among former generals of the Army of Northern Virginia has garnered the most attention from historians, resulting in a sizable literature that features James Longstreet playing villain to Jubal A. Early and other Lost Cause warriors who sought to absolve Robert E. Lee of all responsibility for defeat. J.E.B. Stuart, Richard S. Ewell, and A.P. Hill held supporting roles in these long-running debates that filled many pages in the , personal memoirs, and other

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All About The Money
Readers holding the moonlight-and-magnolia vision of blockade running during the Civil War as the patriotic actions of intrepid sea dogs selflessly smuggling critical war materials into Southern ports had best read Charles D. Ross’ deeply researched
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Though most often associated with the War of 1812, Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Md., played roles during the Civil War as well. After Gettysburg, thousands of Confederate prisoners, including Captain Strickler, were sent there to be organized before th