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Civil War–era soldier or occupation newspapers can offer valuable insights about questions that motivated men to fight. A number of these

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Stretcher Saga
AN OFT-OVERLOOKED FIXTURE of Civil War battlefields and hospitals, the stretcher gets a close look in an online post at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine website. Historian Kyle Dalton examines four different types of stretchers and their des
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The Frontiersmen Who Couldn't Shoot Straight
GREGORY MICHNO herein offers powerful vignettes on citizen fraud and public wrongdoing through the decades of expansionism in the American West. It is at once a well-documented revelation on the fabled institutions that have invested common perceptio
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The Petersburg Regiment
In The Petersburg Regiment in the Civil War, author and historian John Horn examines the role the 12th Virginia Infantry played in the conflict. He chose that particular unit for several reasons. For one thing, it was descended from one of Virginia’s