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rospective authors of a survey history of the American Civil War must reckon with the long shadow of James M. McPherson’s 1988 classic . Success resides with a present-day practitioner’s ability to forge a unique identity for their work by introducing new ways to understand and explain

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The War On The Net
The 1890 Veterans Census or In 1890, representatives of the U.S. Census Bureau interviewed thousands of veterans across the nation. The bureau had several goals: improve Congress’ understanding of how many Union
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Stretcher Saga
AN OFT-OVERLOOKED FIXTURE of Civil War battlefields and hospitals, the stretcher gets a close look in an online post at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine website. Historian Kyle Dalton examines four different types of stretchers and their des
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A John Named Tom?
On May 4, 1864, Captain Thomas Taylor of the 47th Ohio Infantry wrote in his diary, “Gay time—dinner at Carr City—Much whiskey—plenty of spirit, little wit, and less sense. Reached Nashville little before sundown and stopped at City Hotel—visited Col