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Dressed to kill

The tradition of dressing up for Halloween is around 2,000 years old! The 31st October was the Celtic festival of Samhain, which marked the end of summer and the beginning of the long, dark days of winter, a time of year that’s often associated with death. The Celts believed ghosts stalked the earth during Samhain, and they’d dress up in costumes made from animal skins and light bonfires

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Every month I choose three cards totally randomly. Ask your question (it can be anything), choose your card and then look down to get your answer – no peeking! A wonderful new start beckons and you’re on the right track. Drawing this card is a posi
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The Mummy’s Curse
A hush fell on the assembled crowd as the archeologist, Howard Carter, drilled a small hole in the stone doorway and placed a candle inside. ‘Can you see anything?’ his patron, Lord Carnarvon, asked. ‘Yes,’ Carter replied in utter delight. ‘Wonderful
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Dates For Your Diary
2nd Venus moves into sensitive Cancer, accenting bonds and tenderness. 10th The annual New Moon solar eclipse in Gemini gives some oomph to plans. There’ll be new ways of seeing things today. 11th Energetic Mars vrooms into Leo bringing actions a