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Does everything Jay-Z touch turn to gold? It seems so! But Jay-Z had no fewer than 12 lives where he died in childhood

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Did You Know?
Every year, paranormal news website Higgypop ranks the top 100 most haunted locations in the UK based on longevity of the haunting, numbers of reports, the type of paranormal activity and credibility of witnesses. In 2020, the rankings also included
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Mum’s The Word
Who doesn’t love a bath bomb – and if your mum is a crafty type, she’ll be thrilled at the chance to make her own. The Bomb Crystal Geode Kit includes two moulds, a fabulous choice of coloured powders and everything you need to design a fizzy delight
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Outer Source
An Australian man selling his grandfather’s house after the death of the old man got a shock when he saw the estate agent’s photos of the house. The photo of the front of the house appears to show his grandfather’s spirit doing the washing up through