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Blast From the Past

Judith Long – Perrysburg, Ohio

What a blast from the past I received recently when I found a copy of the Winter 2018 issue of on our kitchen counter. I live on a farm in Ohio, and my son-in-law had purchased

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Let Us Know ...
Got a comment on an article, or an opinion you'd like to share? Want to let us know what kinds of projects you're working on? Send an email — and photos (JPEG files, 300 dpi, as attachments), if available — with "Rural Free Delivery" in the subject l
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The Ever-Useful HAY HOOK
EVER since people ceased being nomadic and began living permanently in one place, they’ve kept animals that helped supply their needs. Those that produced milk, such as goats and cattle, were highly prized. In areas with mild winters, they were easy
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Threshing Day
IT was July 1938. Dad and I hitched Maud and Pearl, our team of matched Belgian mares, to the grain binder, and pulled it out of the storage shed. The humped-back machine needed some repairs. The canvas conveyor belts needed slats riveted, both on th