Blue Water Sailing

Knowing What You Know

There is something about sailing that defies all but the freshest egos. This feeling people have that they ought to be able to step on a boat and know how to sail it must be primal, so that when it comes to explicit in struction, it naturally offends us to have to learn. People must feel the same about memorizing scripture or cooking. Maybe gardening or hockey. Any of it can kill you.

Equally dangerous is the sailor who doesn’t know what she doesn’t know. So accustomed is she to having the line picked up just as her hand braved to reach it, so familiar is she with watching the application of phrases like “Give me some vang,” without ever reaching out to do it herself, this popsicle inside all of us is a real threat to livelihood. Sailing requires a moderate confidence that is hard to test so directly in other walks of life. Chat with British people and you’ll hear it, one comment out of reason will yield a

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Our Caribbean Crew
Rich, 40 years old, and a physician from Utah. Twenty years ago, I sailed with my father up Sweden’s beautiful west coast on his old, but sturdy HR Monsun 31. I look back at this time as one of my most cherished and formative experiences of my life a
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Registration Open for Salty Dawg Spring Cruising Rally from the Virgin Islands to the U.S
The Spring Rally will depart the Virgin Islands on May 12, weather permitting, from Nanny Cay in the British Virgin Islands, heading to Blue Water Yachting Center in Hampton, VA (or other ports on the U.S. east coast or to Bermuda.) Pre-departure act
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The Urge for Goin’
When the end of summer rolls around and we start getting the cooler nights and longer shadows of fall, I always feel that familiar urge to get the boat ready, untie the lines and head south toward the sun and new adventures. It’s that old urge for go