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Dramatic advances in technology are expanding our understanding of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). “The brain is incredibly complex, but the tools that have been and

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Larry King
Larry King wasn’t ready to leave us, even at 87. But he would have loved the worldwide send-off he got at the end of January. During his decades on the air, he talked to the world’s most famous and powerful figures in more than 30,000 interviews. Fra
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“I fight hard not to become tough. On the one hand, I’m good old Goldie, kind of a kewpie doll in a male-run industry. I’m liked and they expect jokes and zaniness. But as a businesswoman, I have to make decisions that some disagree with or object to
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How We Got By
Late last year, in an essay about the coronavirus pandemic, National Geographic magazine settled on three words to describe how Americans are feeling: “lonely, hollow, heartbroken.” That seems about right. Naturally, however, some of us are faring be