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The Other Glass Ceiling

A Human Rights Campaign Foundation study reveals that over half of LGBTQ employees are closeted in their respective workplaces, showing little to no increase over

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The Advocate2 min. leídosLGBTQIA+ Studies
Tipping Point
As the pandemic began to ravage the world earlier this year, activist Amazin LeThi watched with growing concern the increasing reports of hate crimes against Asian-Americans. Discrimination and outright violence against Asians increased dramatically
The Advocate27 min. leídosLGBTQIA+ Studies
Champions of Pride
Kimberly McKeand helped topple Alabama’s same-sex marriage ban as a plaintiff in the state’s landmark 2015 ruling. Now, the activist is fighting to pass a nondiscrimination ordinance in Mobile and helping young people access HIV care at AIDS Alabama
The Advocate4 min. leídos
7 Queer Artists We Love
Hip-hop artist Adam Darko is using YouTube and other social media platforms to create content that is reflective of his own personal life and experiences. Since 2018, the transgender Algerian-Canadian has been creating and posting videos on his YouTu