America's Civil War


“MY RIFLES FLAMED AND ROARED in the Federals’ faces like a blinding blaze of lightning accompanied by the quick and deadly thunderbolt. The effect was appalling. The entire front line, with few exceptions, went down in the consuming blast. The gallant commander and his horse fell in a heap near where I stood—the horse dead, the rider unhurt. Before his rear lines could recover from the…shock, my exultant men were on their feet, devouring them with successive volleys. Even then these stubborn blue lines retreated in fairly good order. My front had been cleared; Lee’s centre had been saved;

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Not Forgotten
ON AN UNSEASONABLY COOL summer morning in Franklin, Tenn., Inetta Gaines and I sit on a park bench near the eye of a hurricane of history. Twenty yards away, in the town’s public square, stands a controversial Confederate monument. “Towering over eve
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The War, Captured Through Mass Media
WE ALL HAVE A FAVORITE Civil War movie, novel, or TV show. For many of us, those were how we were introduced to the nation’s seminal conflict between the North and South. Stories and songs capture our imagination in ways that excite, inspire, and ent
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Museum Medal
This handsome medal was awarded not for gallantry, but for being a museum curator. On January 24, 1863, Union 1st Lt. Charles Albert Loretz, a 22-year-old New Yorker, was detailed as the acting ordnance officer for historical memorabilia at the Baton